Looking ahead

We are at the start of an ambitious three-year plan, designed to accelerate the delivery of our strategic ambitions.

Our operating model has evolved over the last three years, basing us in local communities and enabling more conversations with people and better grant-making. As we continue to evolve, we’ll look for every opportunity to refine and improve this way of working as part of our role as a trusted grant-maker and ongoing commitment to excellence in the field.

Applying for our funding has never been easier thanks to a number of changes we’ve put in place to improve our services, including the recent introduction of our new grant-making system. These changes have meant that despite the unprecedented challenges of the coronavirus crisis, our funding has continued to reach the people who need it most.

Supporting over 30,000 active projects at any one time provides us with a unique level of insight and data. We share what we learn from communities with others in the sector through our Data Strategy, empowering more people to be in the lead.

As one of the largest funders of communities in the UK, we learn from and share our insight. Actively welcoming voices into our work and decision-making processes is something that helps us make good judgements. We have appointed advisory groups for Youth Strategy, Climate Action and Civil Society, who draw on their wide range of skills and lived experience to shape our work. These groups provide support, challenge and an opportunity to share practice. They play a key role in driving our strategic commitment to gathering and using engagement and insight as a forward thinking grant-maker and we plan to increase this impact further with the creation of new groups in the future.

Our corporate plan provides the framework and commitment to deliver these and wider strategic objectives, as society starts to come to terms with the realities of the coronavirus crisis and looks toward recovery and rebuilding. We’ll continue to innovate, working with communities and partners in localities to help drive and support innovation, connection and community endeavours – together.

We have an increased focus and strong corporate commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, but recognise that there’s plenty more that we can do. We’ll strive to make our funding even more flexible and accessible to everyone, promoting diversity and inclusion throughout society, while also introducing new initiatives to develop our own inclusive culture and sense of belonging for a diverse workforce.

Throughout all of this it’s vital that we continue to raise awareness of the role of National Lottery funding in helping communities thrive.

Working with stakeholders, grant holders and the general public will reinforce and demonstrate the impact that National Lottery funding has in communities across the UK.

We have come a long way, but our commitment to continuous improvement remains strong, ensuring that we remain an impactful and effective grant-maker through changing times and circumstances, supporting people and communities to make good things happen.